To all our awesome Terror Town and Zombie Train Customers,

In these uncertain times, we all struggle to determine what is safe and what in this Covid-19 world we should or should not be doing. In this environment, businesses are especially challenged. We are proud to have implemented safety measures that have protected our customers and team. Facing the reality of this virus means not surrendering but evolving.The process continues with what would normally be an exciting time of year for us. October traditionally at Frontline Action has been framed by Terror Town at our indoor facility and Zombie Train at our outdoor park. These 2 activities traditionally involve large groups of people, volunteers, and staff. With the uncertainty of the future and the responsibility that we feel for these three important groups, we have decided to not bring you these experiences this year.

Family Friendly

10 and up can ride alone, or if your children are under 10, they require a parent to be with them at all times. Zombies don't shoot you!

Admission w/o ammo $10
Admission + 100 ammo $18.25
Admission + 200 ammo $25.30
Admission + 300 ammo $31.30
100 Extra Ammo $8.67
50 extra Ammo $5.21

All prices are plus hst

Great Team Outing

Party of 10 with 2000 paintballs
organizer receives extra 100 balls

all prices are plus hst


How do I Play!

Just head out to 54 Duffett's Road. Zombie Train is first come first serve.

If you're in line before 10:30pm you're GUARANTEED to get to ride


Partial Proceeds donated to the Miles for Smiles Foundation. Slay Zombies and support Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention!

Since 1993

Welcome to Zombie Train

YOU SHOOT LIVE ZOMBIES! That's Right, this is your chance to open fire and protect our city.  The zombies have the rage but ONLY you have the weapons! You do not have to wear a mask.

It’s your last chance at survival against the flesh-hungry zombies of The Town of Tombstone! Climb aboard the only train to safety and take control of the mounted paintball guns that shoot Glow in the Dark Zombie Killing Acid to defend yourself and the other riders from a much unwanted invasion. Several different scenes and the Zombie Horde provide for ample targets, giving riders the option of focusing on a single threat or taking down multiple targets. Don’t think you’re out of the woods just because you’re armed, though… The mindless hoard may not have the capability to shoot back, but they will stop at nothing to satisfy their voracious appetite for human organs!


$10-$31.30 per person plus hst
10-21 people on a train There are 2 trains)
15 - 20 minute ride

You can pay onsite with Cash, Debit, Visa or Mastercard or you can prepay by paypal by clicking here.

Customers are using our mounted paintball guns and glow in the dark ammo shoot at scenes, moving props and live zombies.

Everyone needs to fill out an online digital waiver to to enlist.  Although the Zombies do not shoot back it makes dealing with your next of kin much easier if you are bitten by a zombie. You can speed up the process by doing it in advance here:


Great for all ages...

Zombie Train is a family friendly activity. You don't shoot at each other, just at zombies who attack the train.