What is Zombie Train?

You are enlisting to join Major Tom and his ragtag squad of soldiers trying to keep the infected zombies from invading St.John's and surrounding areas. You are traveling in modified and reinforced buses with paintball guns mounted on turrets. Each one of you has your own gun. You shoot glow in the dark balls full of zombie killing acid at the attacking hoards of zombies.

When does it start?

The Zombies are the most hungry after dark however the train starts running 30 minutes after sunset.  The glow in the dark acid is best experienced when it is completely dark.  Below is a chart of when the sun sets, when we will be starting and when it is estimated to be dark.  Please note if you wish to want to wait for until darkness you can let others go ahead of you.

DATES                     SUNSET        START TIME         ESTIMATED DARKNESS

October 4/5           6:30pm           7pm                          7:41pm

October 11/12       6:20pm           6:50pm                    7:27pm

October 18/19       6:05pm           6:35pm                    7:14pm

October 26/27       5:53pm           6:23pm                    7:01pm

November 1/2       5:43pm           6:13pm                    6:50pm

How much does it cost?

Admission with no ammo $10+hst
Admission with 100 ammo $18.25+hst
Admission with 200 ammo $25.20+hst
Admission with 300 ammo $31.30+hst

$8.70+hst for 100 Extra Ammo
$5.21+hst for 50 Extra Ammo (Can be used on Glow in the dark shooting range or on the train)

Do I need a waiver?

Yes everyone needs to fill out an online digital waiver to enlist.  Although the Zombies do not shoot back it makes dealing with your next of kin much easier if you are bitten by a zombie. You can speed up the process by doing it in advance here: https://www.vantora.com/Paintball/fla/waiver/

Do the Zombies shoot at me?

Nope, you’re the only one shooting balls. Tear those Zombies a new one Soldier!

What are the Age restrictions?

10 and up to ride alone, or if your children are under 10, they require a parent to be with them at all times.  You can just ride on the train for $10.

What about bad weather?

We have a roof on the Train that carries you around and the briefing bunker is heated, so we go ahead rain or shine.  If the lineup is extremely long you may have to wait outside.  Dress accordingly.

What to wear?

It gets Chilly in Newfoundland in October, so dress according to the temperature

Do you donate to Charity?

Yes! 50 cents from every entry goes to the Miles for Smiles Foundation

Can I play if I have Mobility issues? ( Wheelchair, Broken foot/leg, etc )

Please note that the site is not wheelchair accessible and there are no handicap bathrooms.  The loading rea is uneven.  We will work hard to accommodate all our customers however it is best to come at a not so busy time to allow for extra time loading and unloading.

How Long?

Each ride lasts 15 to 20 minutes, not including line-up time!

Can I get Warm?

Yes! We have a large room where you can warm up and stay out of the cold or rain while you wait for your turn.  As well part of the train has heat.  Zombies like their meat warm so bear this in mind when boarding the train.

What else can I do?

We have a Glow in the Dark Shooting Range on-site, or if you want you can Suit up and be a zombie, you don’t even pay to be a zombie!

What's special about balls?

We use a special Glow in the dark ammo(They are filled full of phosphorescent "acid"), that makes it far more visible at night, and really shows where you hit the zombies. The trains have black UV lights mounted on them to really bring out the glowing acid.  It even looks like lasers!

Are the zombies real people?

Absolutely, The Zombies attacking the train are freshly deceased people risen from the dead, to launch their attack.

How can I pay?

We accept All forms of payment, including Visa, Master Card,  Cash, Debit & however else you would like to pay! You can also pre-buy online by clicking here or even when you are in line to speed things up.

Book online?

This is a first come first serve experience however you can pay online by clicking here.  Please note although our software will give you a time your wait time will depend on how many recruits are ahead of you. You can also just show up.

Scary for Young Children?

Our Zombies are trying to spook you and make lots of groaning and moaning.  The soldiers on-site emphasize how important your role is in saving the world. We have had children as young as 5.  You should use your discretion.